5 Ways to Protect Yourself from STDs

Millions of new sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) occur every year across the world. Many STDs are asymptomatic, meaning there are no obvious symptoms to alert you to the condition. Instead, they may cause severe health problems years later. While you might not be able to discharge your risk of contracting an STD completely, you can reduce the risk. The following are five ways to lower your risks of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Abstaining from the sex is the only way to avoid contracting an STD, including HIV successfully. This is not an option most people are willing to make. Practicing abstinence doesn’t mean that you can’t have an intimate relationship with your loved one. Physical affection can be expressed through kissing, massaging, hugging, etc. You can spend quality time with your partner talking, going to the movies, and appreciating one another’s company. Having sex can be saved for you and your partner are ready to make a true commitment of love to one another.

Practice Safe Sex Every Time
Practicing sex at nights while being prepared is one thing, but when sex is spontaneous or totally unexpected, you might give in your defense to the moment and the passion. People usually think "one time won’t matter." But that one time can prove really dangerous to your health. Make it a firm rule that you will only have sex when you have either male or female condoms to practice the safe sex.

Talk to Your Loved One Before You Have Sex
Many people feel embarrassed talking about sex,  but it is essential to be able to talk to your partner before sex. Make sure you both agree on practicing safe sex methods and necessary birth control. Make sure you are both ready for a mutually exclusive relationship. Ask your potential life partner to have STD testing done before you have sex. Honest and transparent communication is vital to any relationship to flourish. If you don’t feel you can openly talk to your partner, there might be something lacking in your relationship.

Get Tested on a Regular Basis
If you have many sexual partners, it is essential to have  STD testing done on a regular basis. Some STDs, including the HIV, can take several months before showing up on the test results. You should schedule STD screening different times per year if you are sexually quite active. If you have minor problems, then stop having sex and get sexually transmitted disease medication online from a reputed pharmacy.

Avoid Drinking or Doing Drugs
Drinking and drugs usually lead to poor decision-making. It is obvious to give in to sex or to give in to not using safe sex tools after having a few drinks or smoking a joint. If you are going out to a party and know you will be drinking or getting intoxicated, make a promise to yourself that you will not have sex. Ask a friend to assist you to keep that promise and bring you home instead of permitting you to leave with someone else.


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